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2023 Online Level 1 Epee Coaching Course 

The Oceania Fencing Confederation (OFC) is currently running an Online Level 1 Epee Coaching Course in 2023.

This will be an activity of the Oceania Fencing Masters’ Academy (OFMA), using the online teaching materials of Global Fencing Masters (GFM).

Twenty-two participants have been selected by the OFC Coaching Commission from applicants across the Oceania Zone.

The course began in March 2023 and has now completed.

2022 Online Level 1 Foil Coaching Course 

Under the auspices of OFMA, the OFC partnered with Global Fencing Masters (GFM) to advertise and conduct an online Level 1 Foil Course. Using a web-based learning platform, a phone app and Zoom technology, the Course was presented over 3 months to 25 Coaches from Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Guam and Papua New Guinea.

With Covid-19 restrictions being lifted, the Regional Development Officer was able to travel to Guam, Brisbane and Melbourne to conduct face-to-face review of the course content and assessments for most participants in the online course. Coaching Commission members in New Zealand also conducted reviews and assessments at four locations.

Olympic Solidarity Technical Foil Course 2022 

Fencing New Zealand (FeNZ) received funding from the IOC and the New Zealand Olympic Committee for an Olympic Solidarity Technical Foil Course for Coaches. This course was also supported by the FIE. The Course was held in Christchurch from 12th -20th December 2022. OFMA assisted with planning and delivery. Maître Zoltan Bernat of the FIE Coaching Academy in Budapest was the Head Coach for this extremely successful event. 33 student coaches enjoyed the benefits of his high-level fencing knowledge and experience.

OFMA established a panel that included Maître Bernat and representatives of the OFC Coaching Commission to conduct the Level 2 Foil Assessments. 14 coaches chose to be assessed and were successful in gaining their Level 2 Foil accreditation. Each received a Level 2 Certificate from OFMA.

The IOC provided FeNZ with a certificate template for the Course & all 33 participants received a personalised copy.

Oceania Fencing Confederation Coaching Resources


Positive Coaching Program - Free Online Course



The Fencers' Workbook.

Four Volumes based on translations of "Le Cahir des Escrimeurs"

by Maitre Thirioux, Technical Advisor, Trainer at the Ecole Interarmees des Sports,

Fontainbleau, France.

These are prescribed texts for OFMA Level 1 to 3 Courses in Foil, Epee and Sabre.











Oceania Fencing Masters Academy (OFMA)

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