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Oceania Fencing Confederation Coaching Resources


Positive Coaching Program - Free Online Course



The Fencers' Workbook.

Four Volumes based on translations of "Le Cahir des Escrimeurs"

by Maitre Thirioux, Technical Advisor, Trainer at the Ecole Interarmees des Sports,

Fontainbleau, France.

These are prescribed texts for OFMA Level 1 to 3 Courses in Foil, Epee and Sabre.











Epee Coaching Course

Coaches from Australia, New Zealand and Guam participated in an intensive High Performance Epee Coaching Course conducted by Maître Daniel Levavasseur in Melbourne. The week long course was organised by the Australian Fencing Federation and funded by the Olympic Solidarity program.


FIE Coaches Academy

Two coaches from Oceania - Mary Black (NZL) and Joanna Halls (AUS) - participated in an FIE Coaches' Academy in Budapest. The three month intensive course was an excellent development opportunity and OFMA was pleased to support the coaches in attending.

Oceania Fencing Masters Academy (OFMA)

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